Solid Fuel – our products explained

We have compiled this guide to help you choose which fuel to use.

To ensure complete safety when burning solid fuels please do ensure that your chimney is swept regularly, and that you refer to the manufacturers guidelines (printed on the back of each bag) or to the HETAS fuel guide (available online) as the below should be used as a guideline only.  If using a multi-fuel stove, always refer to the manufacturers instructions as to the type of fuels that you should use.

Housecoal for Open Fires

Guernsey Coal - Premium HousecoalPremium Housecoal 
This top quality, large sized Polish housecoal gives a beautiful long flame, with incredible heat output and little residual ash. Our most popular housecoal, year on year.

Typical Lump Size – 50 x 100mm

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Guernsey Coal - Housecoal Doubles

Housecoal Doubles 
Doubles are also top quality Coal, therefore giving the same benefits as the Premium Housecoal; the only difference being that the lumps are slightly smaller in size.

Typical Lump Size – 25 x 50mm

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Guernsey Coal - Housecoal Smalls

Housecoal Smalls 
These are screened from Housecoal and are perfect  for banking an open fire overnight. This is an inexpensive and popular fuel which also works very well mixed with logs.

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Guernsey Coal - Economy Housecoal

Economy Housecoal 
A good quality traditional fuel, sourced from mines in Scotland. This burns with a long flame giving good heat and low ash. Super value.



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Smokeless fuels

Guernsey Coal - Homefire Ovals

Homefire Ovals 
This premium quality smokeless fuel is the top choice for using in multi-fuel stoves. The ovals pack tightly together to provide a constant, uniform high heat with an exceptional burn time.


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Guernsey Coal - Newheat


These smokeless ovals are a similar product to the Homefire Ovals, giving out a high heat and with a long burn time.  They may be used both in a multi-fuel stove and on an open fire.




Smokeless fuels for gravity fed boilers

Anthracite is a premium quality naturally smokeless product deep mined in Wales which provides a high performance heat source.  Anthracite provides an intense and efficient heat with low flame, low ash and no tar when burnt.

Guernsey Coal - Anthracite Grains

Anthracite Grains 
Anthracite grains are smaller than anthracite beans and are suitable for use with gravity fed boilers.

Typical Lump Size – 5 x 15mm

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Guernsey Coal - Anthracite Beans

Anthracite Beans 
Larger than the Anthracite grains but with the same uniform long burn at high temperatures suitable for use in gravity fed boilers.

Typical Lump Size – 10 x 22mm

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Smokeless Fuels for closed appliances

Guernsey Coal - Anthracite Stovenuts

Anthracite Stovenuts  
A natural smokeless fuel deep mined in Wales, these premium stovenuts are perfect for use in closed appliances and non-gravity feed boilers. Anthracite provides a high performance heat source which is consistently popular, it provides an intense and efficient heat with low flame, low ash and no tar when burnt.

Typical Lump Size – 50 x 69mm

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Guernsey Coal - Phurnacite

Phurnacite smokeless Ovoids are a premium quality, clean briquette, manufactured in the UK and are a long time favourite for cookers and closed appliances. Phurnacite gives an exceptionally long lasting controllable heat for up to 18 hours.

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